SwiftCore PAF

Maximise delivery and reduce postage penalties

Automatically validate and update address data in any contact data system using SwiftCore PAF. Already processes over 100 million records every year.

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Complete Confidence Your Mail Will Reach The Right Address

SwiftCore PAF is a Postcode Address File API that allows you to fill in gaps in addresses and standardise your mailing data to the format expected by Royal Mail and all other mail delivery providers.

Our easy-to-integrate API makes it easy to automatically update address data in bulk at blistering speeds.

  • Royal Mail approved for over 20 years

  • Easy to integrate REST API

  • Built-in matching logic

  • PAF validate all of your data in minutes

  • Millions of records verified every day

  • No need to reinvent matching logic

  • No infrastructure/hosting costs

  • No more postage penalties

  • No missed communication opportunities

  • No brand damage

ISO27001 Certified Solution

The SwiftCore platform is reviewed by 3rd party cyber security experts. The results of all audits are available upon request.

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