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Access 450 Million Records

SwiftCore provides instant access to over 450 million premium deceased, gone-away and home mover records. Integrate your CRM, contact database or marketing systems with the broadest range of suppression and home mover data sets available without paying individual licence fees and negotiating royalty fees with each file owner.

Introducing SwiftCore

SwiftCore lets brands identify and continuously update deceased, gone-away and home mover data within an entire contact database or a single record. The secure, cloud based service makes it simple to integrate data hygiene into CRMs, contact databases and marketing systems without the need to set-up and maintain servers, worry about data security or reinvent matching logic.

Improve marketing ROI by automatically keeping contact data up to date. Use SwiftCore Single Record to validate and enrich an individual record in your CRM as it loads in real time. Use SwiftCore Batch to automatically cleanse campaign data or even periodically update an entire contact database. Developers create an account, request an API key and start building in just a few minutes.

SwiftCore Features

  • RESTful, Machine Readable API

  • Language and Platform Agnostic using Standard GET, POST and PUT Commands

  • GDPR Compliant Cloud Processing Infrastructure

  • Personally Identifiable Data Restricted Solution

  • Data Encryption and Pseudonymisation Throughout

  • Automated Subject Data Deletion

  • Third-Party Security Audited

  • 450 Million UK Suppression and Home Mover Records

  • Proprietary Matching and Processing Logic

Who uses SwiftCore

SwiftCore can be equally beneficial for data owners looking to control access to their data assets or data bureaux seeking to reduce overheads and maximise project revenue.

Schedule a demo, request pricing or find out more

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